Digital volt meter dm-5300 manual

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GEK-113399 - GE Grid Solutions Touch the black meter probe to the unconnected lead of the resistor. Manual Order Code GEK-113399. EPM 5300 SERIES ADVANCED POWER METERS – MODBUS REGISTER MAPPINGS. TOC–I. R E S E R V E D F O R F U T U R E U S E. MODBUS. ANALOG. DITAL. KF VOLT A DM Only. 0131.

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Sperry - Test Equipment Depot Turn the function selector knob of the meter to the 200 m setting in the A-- range, which indicates DC current. Read this owners manual thorougy before use and save. Before using to check hazardous voltage, always test this Dital Multimeter on a known live circuit.

How to Use Sperry DM 350A Our Pastimes

How to Use Sperry DM 350A Our Pastimes Plug the red meter probe into the meter’s m A jack. Wrap one lead of the 1K-ohm resistor around the negative battery terminal. Instructions and safety tips for using the Sperry DM 350A dital multimeter, a cian's tool for measuring electrical voltage, current and resistance.

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Manual - Test Equipment Depot The Sperry DM 350A dital multimeter measures AC and DC voltage, DC current and resistance. Dital Multi-Meter. • Read this owners manual thorougy before use and save. DM6200. SPERRY. INSTRUMENTS. 1.0 METER FUNCTIONS. Meter type.

Instructions for the Sperry <em>DM-5300</em>

Instructions for the Sperry DM-5300 The portable, battery-powered unit has a 3 1/2-dit liquid crystal display and is suitable for general troubleshooting of electrical systems and electronic circuits. The DM-5300 is a dital multimeter with a three-and-a-half -inch display. It's powered by a 9-volt battery that comes with your purchase. The Sperry DM-5300.

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The Multimeter - YouTube Plug the red meter probe into the meter’s V-Ω jack. Touch the metal tip of the red probe to the battery’s positive terminal. A brief overview of the multimeter with a segment of measuring voltage.

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Multimeters Sperry Instruments FAQ Touch the tip of the black probe to the negative terminal. It shows the battery’s voltage, which should be approximately 9 volts. Do we offer a meter that will give a voltage reading through. With the dital meters, some have an audible symbol to let you know if the. Each meter has a specific range for accuracy; this is always listed in the unit's manual.

Digital volt meter dm-5300 manual:

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